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Commercial/Industrial Pump System Service & Repair NY/NJ/CT

Do you Have a Noisy Pump?
Leaking Pump?
Low Water Pressure?
Dirty Water?

We Offer Commercial Pump Services and Industrial Boiler Repair.

Fleet Pump & Service has provided commercial pump service and repair in metro NYC for over 40 years. We are factory-authorized pump professionals who can provide your building with various pump repair and maintenance services. We handle heating pumps, water booster pumps, sewage pumps, condensate pumps, roof tank fill pumps, and more.

Industrial pump repair and boiler installation.Fleet Pump & Service specializes in commercial pump services and industrial boiler repair. We collaborate with property managers, owners, contractors, and engineering consultants to improve the energy efficiency, operations, and overall performance of their pump and boiler systems. With planned maintenance, Fleet Pump & Service ensures that pump systems and components are in excellent condition, and clear of problems that could cause unexpected downtime or performance issues. Through regular inspections and maintenance programs, we establish a baseline from which we detect and correct minor problems before they escalate into significant failures, preventing downtime, energy inefficiency, and costly repairs.

Industrial Boiler Services for NY, NJ, CT

Trusted in the Shop and Field

In our 30,000+ sq. ft. facility, we regularly service pumps and large-scale processing equipment for New York City that can handle up to 400 HP and 20,000 GPM. Our experience and knowledge also pertain to your commercial pump needs at any size. Fleet Pump provides pump system installation and boiler installation. We are commercial specialists who work closely with our manufacturers and have their full support. Even factory direct pump repair or boiler repair is easily handled through Fleet Pump.

Prevent Downtime

A failed water pump can drastically affect the operation of your entire building. Proper maintenance is key to pump longevity. When your pump stops working, it’s time to call us. We can get you up and running quickly.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

With Local Law 97, building owners are incentivized to increase efficiency and reduce carbon utilization. In general, properly maintaining pumps and equipment is the best way to begin reducing energy and waste, but we can also help plan with new Green Innovation that may lead to rebates.

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We service all types of commercial pumps, including booster pumps, roof tank fill pumps, sewage pumps, ejector pumps, fire pumps, condensate pumps, circulator pumps, sump & stormwater pumps, dewatering pumps, boiler feed pumps, cooling tower pumps, chilled water pumps, and condenser water pumps. Our services extend throughout New York, northern New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Commercial Pump Services for NY, NJ, CT

We offer factory-authorized warranty repair services for…

  • Flygt
  • Aerco
  • Syncroflo
  • Peerless Pump
  • Goulds

We also support …

  • Weinman Repair and Service
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