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Revere Custom Control Panels NY/NJ/CT

We are factory-authorized Revere Controls representatives for service and sales

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Equipment Example:

Custom Control Panels


Commercial and Municipal / Water and Wastewater

Practical Advice:

Revere builds custom panels for all applications: boiler plants, boosters, tank fills, sump and sewage, and municipal lift stations. Fleet Pump & Service has worked with Revere for years to standardize different grades of products, from A level with multiple layers of safety, enclosed VFDs, and complete redundancy, to B and C levels with high-quality components but no backup modes. We meet each customer’s price range with the desired level. Together with Revere, we reverse engineer damaged and outdated panels, operating at the same level but with new technology. We utilize all types of programmable logic controllers, even our proprietary PLCs.

Operators think to maintain pumps, motors, grease bearings, etc. but may neglect their controls. We recommend testing functionality annually to make sure features are still working. You don’t want a relay burnt out when the designed sequence of operation fails, flooding your pump station equipment floor. With yearly maintenance, you can feel confident that controls work as designed. With constant use, controls eventually end their life cycle, either caused by unexpected events (lightning strikes, electrical noise, etc.) or wear and tear. To prepare for that end, we provide mission-critical parts and replacements to cover the unexpected immediately.

Revere Controls for Water and WastewaterFleet Pump & Service has provided commercial, municipal, and fire protection pump service and repair in metro NYC for over 40 years. We are factory-authorized pump professionals who can provide your building or facility with a variety of pump repair and maintenance services. We work closely with the manufacturers we represent when servicing their equipment, so you know the parts fit and the repair is spot on.

Revere Controls Installation, Maintenance, or Repair

Fleet Pump & Service is an authorized Revere sales and service representative. We are experts in Revere controls service: maintenance, repair, and replacement.

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