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Singer Valve and PRV Service & Repair NY/NJ/CT

We are factory-authorized Singer Valve representatives for service and sales

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Equipment Example:

Singer Tank Fill Valves and Pressure Reducing Valves


Water and pressure flow management

Practical Advice:

Nearly all buildings in NYC with 10 stories or higher have either a tank fill system or booster pump. When filling a roof tank, our tank fill valves offer redundancy so that if a pump fails to shut off, the fill valve will close before the tank overflows. Overflows can cause water or even ice damage during the winter. All tank fill valves should be insulated to prevent failure year-round. Our preventative maintenance and valve insulation kits can prevent costly damage.

Booster and Pressure Reducing Valve Services

If there is no roof tank, booster pumps directly feed water pressure to the entire building. That means the water pressure is higher on the lower floors. To provide consistent pressure regardless of the floor, pressure-reducing valves regulate water pressure at the required zones. Lack of maintenance of these valves is risky and can lead to very high water pressure being forced into areas of your building that can't handle it. It can damage equipment, and fixtures, or set off relief valves which can create flooding in mechanical rooms, leaking to floors below. Pressure Reducing Valves are also excellent for testing the water quality provided to your building residents.

Singer Pressure Reducing ValvesFleet Pump & Service has provided commercial, municipal, and fire protection pump service and repair in metro NYC for over 40 years. We are factory-authorized pump professionals who can provide your building or facility with a variety of pump repair and maintenance services. We work closely with the manufacturers we represent when servicing their equipment, so you know the parts fit and the repair is spot on.

Tank Fill Valve and PRV, Maintenance, or Repair

Fleet Pump & Service is an authorized Singer service representative. We are experts in Singer valve service, maintenance, repair, and replacement.

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